domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Reflexiones de Caronte

Torpes e ingenuos los que toman los mas seguros y largos senderos, ya que todos pasareis ante los ojos del cerbero, mas solo veré, descansar en paz los que vivieron su vida con mayor intensidad.

viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Jesters on the Moon

Twin brother bound by blood
Forth and back and back and forth and Jester back and forth and back again,
Red and blue, our sings written clearly on our faces.
We serve the queen on high
Our loyalty's unquestion and _ unqueston is our loyalty and until "that" day comes we'll simply bide our time

Joined in a spiral cord
Eternally and Forever connected _ connected forever and eternally-
Our fates entwined our juxtaposition
were we one, now two
the same is it. One of two or not twin or two halves, or is it the same
Memories of old echoes of an older time

uh Oh
This isn't going well at tall,
I think we're in trouble here,
Torn apart us now two - binding helix gone astray
one, two, one, two - a life apart that doesn't feel right,
Torn apart us now two - a broken shattered gemini
Always together, always apart - one, two, one, two
Torn apart us now two - this empty feeling always stays,
This connection doesn't feel complete somehow.

You and i are one,
lie to me my memories can't _ my memories cannot lie to me,
but why are things this way? what have we both done wrong?
cant cut into the sea
Our fortunes lost, what to derch _ what to do, our fortunes lost
Go with him or stay - without a home, can't stay
What choice is this to make? - Is this a choice to make?

Mistreated can't escape,
Tried pur best. Isn't fair this - this isn't fair, we tried our best
and abandoned, we ran. We thought we had a home
Didn't ask to be this way
Quite right don't seen, take flight. Jester don't seen quite right

Uh, Oh...
This isn't going well at all
I think we're in trouble here
Torn apart us now two _ bindin helix gone astray
one, two, one, two _ a life apart that doesnt feel right.

Final Fantasy XIX, Jesters on the Moon

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011